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Cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry
Teeth whitening

Over time, our natural teeth can become dull and discoloured. Certain foods, drinks, tobacco, and aging are common causes of stains and discolouration on our teeth. Don’t smile less or hide your teeth – talk to us about our teeth whitening procedures.

There are many products on the market today, such as toothpastes, teeth whitening gels and applicators which promise to whiten teeth. However, a dentist can provide you with the best teeth whitening results.

A dentist can whiten teeth in two ways:

Both of these procedures can only be performed on your natural teeth; existing crowns or implants will not be affected by the whitening process.

Ask us how you can easily and comfortably brighten your smile with a teeth whitening procedure.

White Fillings

There was a time when a shiny metal (amalgam) filling was your only option. Fillings at the back of your mouth are hidden, but fillings in the front are visible when you smile, talk, or laugh. Are you smiling less often to hide a metal filling?

Hide no more! A white filling, also called a composite filling, is stained to match your existing tooth. Your dentist applies the composite resin in layers, hardening each layer with a curing light, so the resulting tooth is strong and healthy – and almost impossible to see!

We can replace existing metal fillings with white fillings when the metal filling starts to fail, and you can choose to use a white filling if you need a new one. alk to us about your choices and any questions you have.

Call us today to discuss how we can make you smile big and bright again!