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Endodontic dentistry

Root Canal
Endodontic dentistry (Root Canal Therapy)

The health and strength of your teeth affect every aspect of your life – how you eat, talk, smile, and enjoy life. We encourage you to schedule regular dental check-ups so we can monitor your oral health and identify any issues right when they start.

However, accidents and unintentional events can quickly deteriorate a healthy tooth:

Infection takes over the tooth and can infect the nerve as well, potentially causing you severe pain and discomfort.

What are my options?

In both of these scenarios, there are two main options:

If I have an infection, do I need antibiotics?

Your dentist may prescribe antibiotics before the root canal to reduce the pain associated with the infection. If necessary, the dentist may prescribe antibiotics after the root canal to reduce the risk of additional infection.

Would a root canal and crown placement happen during the same appointment?

The root canal therapy occurs first. Once the surrounding tissue and area heal, the crown, if one is necessary, is placed in a subsequent appointment.